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Mehdi HerisResearch Interest: Currently I am pursuing my doctoral studies in urban planning and design at the University of Colorado at Denver. In Urban Futures Lab I have contributed to several research projects. Broadly, I am interested in geospatial technologies and methods for urban system analysis. I investigate environmental variables and ecosystem services to see how built environments influence the climate. I am using an array of sensors to capture climatic variables for microclimate modeling. In the Environmental Design program at CU Boulder, I started GeoENVD  group to explore data-aided analysis (Parametric Design) in design and planning.

In my dissertation research, I explore policies such as zoning (different types of zoning including FBCs) and design guidelines to examine how they can influence microclimate (including urban heat island effect) of cities through shaping urban form elements. I simulate microclimate using Envi-met validated by primary data collected by sensors. I compared these outcomes with urban form elements to find temperature variations as a result of urban policies.

A Brief Bio: I  started my undergrad studies in Urban Planning at University of Tehran in 1999. I obtained my Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning at the same school. For my Master’s thesis I modeled pedestrian movement using the agent-based approach to simulate its relations with land use and density. In 2007, I was granted the Chevening Scholarship by the British Council to undertake graduate studies in Planning Research and Theory at the University of Sheffield. My Master’s thesis was a comparative study of intensification policies in Tehran, London and Auckland. I have worked as a planner and GIS specialists for three years. I started my doctoral studies at University of Colorado in 2011.

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My Email: mehdi.heris[at]Colorado.edu

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